The all-in-one digital solution for real estate agents

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The world of real estate has changed

New channels

Google, Facebook and Instagram... have replaced the old communication channels. Being visible on these platforms is no longer an option.

New rules

The way you approach customers and develop your team has changed. It's now more important to attract people to you, rather than over-soliciting your contacts.

A unique opportunity

If caught in time, the digital wave enables any sales representative to develop his or her business like never before.

"There's a before and an after to Regata!"

Eric Rapp

Best real estate agent in France

A unique and comprehensive solution

We have co-created a unique, high-performance solution all-inclusive service.

Expand your business with Google and Regata

We optimize your Google listing to attract more sellers and buyers.

Manage your social networks with ease

Use the power of social networks without the time-consuming hassle.

Available on iOS and Android

Manage your business from your phone

Alerts, collecting and responding to reviews, posts on your social networks... you can now track all your Regata account activity at your fingertips.

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Our mission? To create the best solution for real estate agents

For 3 years now, we've been putting all our energy into creating the best solution to support real estate agents in a constantly changing world.

Premium service for concrete results

360° support

We support you from A to Z:from your initial questions to day-to-day management once our solution is in place.

Concrete results

Regata boosts your local brand awareness , and our methods have already brought concrete results to over 600 agents.

Guaranteed peace of mind

We take care of everything!You don't have to do a thing, so you can concentrate on what you do best: your business.

A single, no-obligation solution

Discover the Regata solution used by over 600 agents