We create the best solution for real estate agents

The world of real estate has changed. Prospecting is regulated, and letterbox canvassing no longer works... Communication tools have changed, as has the way customers are addressed.

Today, buyers and sellers search online, on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. They no longer wait to be contacted in person; they spend their days online, and that's where the opportunities are.

So, at Regata, we've decided to co-construct with agents the best digital solution for developing online visibility, winning mandates and expanding your team.

Generally speaking, there are two options. Do it yourself, waste an inordinate amount of time and get no results. Or pay for several solutions that are incomplete, generalized, non-performing and require commitment without necessarily delivering on their promises.

Our vision is different. We are constantly building a complete solution, 100% dedicated to agents, to help them succeed. And we offer it at a fair price, without commitment and with improvements every day.

We put all our energy into making you visible, so that all you have to do is what you do best: your business.

Notre Histoire


Regata sets sail

Guillaume Audren and Etienne Le Priol decide to combine their skills. With Regata, our mission is to help freelancers who don't have the time or inclination to deal with digital issues to generate more income via the Internet.


First steps validated

The wind is beginning to blow at Regata: 50 customers have placed their trust in us, the first recruitments are underway, and we've moved into magnificent offices in Nantes thanks to the support of the Piscine de _icilundi program.


A course is set

Regata welcomes new partners (Denis and Pierre) and specializes in the real estate sector to provide even more attentive support for its customers. The focus on independent real estate agents is set and the 100-customer mark is passed.


France's top real estate agent puts its trust in us

Eric Rapp - France's No. 1 real estate agent with sales of €830,000 in 2022 - is a satisfied Regata customer, and he's letting us know! He thanked Regata live on stage in front of an audience of 3,000+ at the Grand Palais in Lille.


Launch of the online platform

To provide even better support for its customers, Regata deploys an online platform that enables them to view all the work they've done and optimize their visibility on Google and social networks. And all at no extra cost!


One million!

Having passed the 500-customer mark, Regata generates over a million euros in recurring sales two years and 5 months after its creation. The team expands to 15 people, and a move to La Tannerie in Nantes is underway.


Artificial intelligence and mobile app

Regata becomes the all-in-one digital communications solution. Every customer can easily generate personalized content tailored to their online strategy. The good news? There is still no increase in the subscription price for existing customers.

The best is yet to come!

Our story is evolving, and we continue to write it day by day, following our vision: to offer the best for our customers and our team. Want to come on board?