"No agent should do without social networks, the opportunity is huge and Regata helps me exploit it."

Laurent Talbot

Pioneer on social networks

Regata customer since 2021

28 godchildren in his team

Laurent, spearheading social networks

Laurent Talbot has been an IAD real estate advisor in Chatou for 7 years. Like 80% of the agents in his network, real estate is a second life for him. But there's one thing that sets Laurent apart from his colleagues, and that's his use of social networks to develop his business.

"Social networks have enabled me to maintain a strong link with my community, and ultimately to plant the seed in the minds of some of my friends/colleagues who have come to join me. It's simple: on my first level, there are only people I knew from before, who were looking with a little interest at what I'd gone off to do in entrepreneurship and real estate.

I've always loved writing and telling stories... And it just so happened that, through my social networks, people understood the story I wanted to tell and said to themselves: this sounds great, it speaks to me, and if Laurent can do it and do well, why can't I?"

Moving into the digital age

When Laurent started out, he quickly realized that the world of real estate was changing: "The old methods, such as physical prospecting, mailings and freelancing, are losing their effectiveness. All advisors use these techniques, which offer little differentiation. What's more, people are fed up with being constantly solicited.

Today, I shouldn't say it, but I don't prospect anymore. My mandates? They come mainly from word-of-mouth and inbound calls. Rather than chasing after customers, you have to let them come to you. Let them buy into who you are, let them see the man behind the function."

Digital and social networks are the key to this. They enable you to multiply the points of contact with your prospects without being intrusive.

Laurent Talbot

Pioneer on social networks

Save time and multiply results

"I chose Regata for just this reason: to put my digital strategy into second gear and use the time saved to develop and upskill my team.

And in this respect, Regata was the right answer. The interface and the application are just super-practical tools. I can, for example, create ultra-personalized posts in just 2 minutes. I can then program them and distribute them on all platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn) or on a specific network.

Result: In just a few minutes a week, I can manage my digital communications. These actions are generating an ever-increasing number of incoming calls, which is starting to have quite a leverage effect on my business. In terms of real estate production, I bring in around thirty mandates and take out around fifteen a year. In terms of team development, I take on new godchildren every year, thanks in part to my digital strategy."

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